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Welcome to the official website of the company "V.ASH D.IM"

Our young team professionally produces cabinet furniture and wardrobes, kitchens according to individual projects. The professional team of the V.ASH D.IM company will make stylish, comfortable, safe furniture for you!

Our principles:

  1. Individual approach to each client and his future project.
  2. Continuous communication throughout the entire process of furniture manufacturing and attentive attention to all the wishes and requirements of the customer.
  3. No stamps, no templates - awareness of performance and concern for the convenience, practicality and aesthetics of your product.
  4. High and impeccable quality, regardless of the price category of the project.

The main motive of our activity and its goal is the joy and positive feedback of our customers. We think about your comfort, pleasure and prosperity, so we are constantly improving;
develop new ideas and technologies;
We find non-standard solutions and bring them to life!

How to choose a company for ordering furniture?

Demand creates supply. Therefore, the production of custom-made cabinet furniture has been one of the most filled niches on the market for many years.

On the one hand, such an environment provides healthy competition and becomes an incentive for continuous improvement. On the other hand, it gives rise to unscrupulous manufacturers who lower prices by saving materials and reducing production time.

Of course, over time, such "unfortunate furniture makers" leave the market. But they manage to deliver many unpleasant moments to consumers during their activities. Nobody wants to be in that situation, of course. Therefore, in choosing a furniture manufacturing company, the principle “measure seven times, cut one” should apply.

What to follow and where to start?

The algorithm of actions is approximately as follows:

  1. Examine the range of prices in the most "promoted" stores. Do not be lazy to walk around the showrooms and chat with managers. Indeed, sometimes this is what helps to find the necessary option, both in terms of design and functionality, and materials.
  2. Go to the websites of furniture manufacturing companies, search on them for what you like in stores, compare prices, production times, delivery terms.
  3. Choose a few of the best options and then look for reviews about them both on the Internet, in various forums, and among friends.

The latter is the most reliable option, although it does not always work, because how many people, so many opinions. But in general, it is the reviews of those who have experienced the quality of the services provided that turn out to be the most honest.

What should be a good furniture manufacturing company?

Of course, first of all, among the positive aspects, it is important to name the period of stay on the market. But this is a rather controversial point. Some companies in a fairly short period of time are gaining momentum so much that they leave “experienced colleagues” far behind.

It is important that the enterprise has its own production, at least in terms of the main components. So that managers can talk about the quality of materials, and designers can offer an option not only for every taste, but also for a wallet.

The terms of production and delivery should not be very long, but the promise “today for tomorrow” can also cast doubts (unless, of course, it concerns a show sample).

Managers must be loyal in matters of discounts, delivery and stipulate warranty obligations. All of the above must be included in the contract.

When contacting the company "V.ASH D.IM" you will be sure that your order will be 100% fulfilled, taking into account all your wishes and preferences. Contact our company by numbers on the website and managers will answer all your questions.

About company


"V.ASH D.IM" is a young, rapidly developing company with its own full-cycle production. Which brought together, I'm not afraid to say, the best specialists from each field, with extensive experience and excellent recommendations.


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Kyiv, Kaysarova st., 7-B

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